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PenClassics, About Me

A long time pen enthusiast, user and collector of Pens,  ever since I acquired my first real pen upon starting work, a Parker 51 Aerometric, that I still have and use, bottom image below.

Yes I did say a long time!. The Parker 61 and 65 were bought a bit later.

Primarily Fountain Pens but I also love using Dip Pens, where the variety is quite incredible. I also have a small collection of vintage/antique pencils.

Surprisingly, (at least to me) is that I’ve begun to have an interest in Ball Point Pens, how strange after all these years…..

Another development for me is my admiration for, and attachment to Japanese Pens, the quality of these pens is remarkable, especially so when you consider that the prices are relatively cheap compared with European Pens.

Brought up in the wilds of the English Pennines, on the borders of Lancashire and Yorkshire , where a spade is a spade (or maybe a bloody shovel), it may be surprising that I developed a passion for writing instruments…. I now live in New Zealand but thanks to the internet, I still buy and sell pens, inks and related books around the world.

My interest just sort of happened over many years, and I never actually had any intention of being a collector, it somehow developed, albeit in a very ad hoc way. In the past I didn’t like ball pens much, as they just seem to lack character….and made my writing worse so I continued using my Fountain Pens as I meandered through the Corporate and Business World and  I now find it an antidote to the almost suffocating expansion in the use of the keyboard. Despite our use of the computer, there is something enormously satisfying and creative about writing with an ink pen. Maybe they are an expression of your character.

I’m also finding that more and more young people are buying Fountain Pens which is great.

One thing that I’ve discovered is that both Kiwis and Ozzies prefer finer nibs, whereas I much prefer broader nibs, such as Italics/stubs….. and particularly Music Nibs

 It’s still a hobby, amongst many others I have……..but I’m a bit busier now……

PS I’ve built both this and my other website www.penclassics.com myself so perhaps you can excuse that fact that they are not the most technically and artistically advanced on the web!

I’ll try and make time to update it.

A more recent part of my hobby is repairing and refurbishing Fountain Pens. I’ve gradually acquired quite a lot of tools of various types and now really enjoy the daily tinkering with pens.

There is something very uplifting about bringing an old pen back to life

I also enjoy tuning and grinding pen nibs.

Hmmm, it’s starting to take up even more of my time

I have known lots of troubles but most of them never happened……..Mark Twain

Parker 61 Rainbow Cap. I first bought one in the 1960s, but lost it. This is an identical replacement and it’s mint.   Fabulous Pen so I’m determined to look after it

Parker 65 Custom Insignia I think that it was my third decent pen, late 1960s

Parker 51 This is my first grown up pen and I still use it, although it is showing it’s age a bit

“The fool speaks and the wise man listens”

African Proverb

“Never take life seriously, nobody gets out alive anyway”!