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Penclassics     the write pen

Platinum Brush Pen

Brush Pen  Polyester replaceable tips available here for NZ$13.75)

Aluminium body

Both Brush pens are supplied with a Platinum Pigment ink cartridge (replacements available here)

They can also be fitted with a Platinum Converter (available here) for use with bottled ink

Maki e Flying Cranes  pictured above NZ$47.75

Plain back version  - image below NZ$27.75

Premium Platinum converter NZ$14

A plastic slide converter is also available for NZ$4.50

More Pens

This image and the one below were drawn by Maria McKay of Levin, a talented artist, using a Platinum Brush Pen, Fountain Pen and Ink, it was drawn from a photo by Ryan Photographic