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De Atramentis Fountain Pen Ink

An exclusive range of HAND MADE  Fountain Pen Ink by De Atramentis of Germany.

35ml Bottle NZ$15.99

These are not such high saturation as the American Inks and have superb flow characteristics. Some give good shading

Pine Green

Mint Turquoise

Pigeon Blue

Indigo Blue

Steel Blue

Atlantic Blue


Poppy Red

Ruby Red

Ocher Yellow  

Aubergine very quick drying


Silver Grey


Sherlock Holmes

Mahatma Gandhi  

William Shakespeare

Turquoise Green

Emerald Green

Bordeaux Red


Sepia Brown

Link to De Atramentis Speciality Inks

Charles Dickens

Purple Violet Stunning

Out of stock

Chinese Zodiac Ink

Dragon                           Snake                                 Horse

Goat  (Out of stock)