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Dip pen nibs and nib holders

(Or pens and pen holders as they were known)

Loose Dip Pen Nibs and and Nib holders are shown on this page,

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Zebra Comic Nib


Nikko Comic Nib


Nib Holders (Pen Holders)

NZ$7.50 each

Joseph Gillet Nibs

1. No 303  This is one of the best known nibs for Copperplate and Spencerian, it produces lines from fine hair-like lines to wide, Medium Flex

2. No 1290  Flexible nib produce hair- like lines to wide. Curved up tip. Use for Copperplate

3. No 290   Very Flexible nib, for Copperplate, very fine to broad lines

4.The square cut nibs can be used for Round Hand, Uncial, Gothic or Formal Italic

(The 1.5, 2 and 3 being the more widely used sizes)

NZ$4 each

1. Reservoir can be used on many nibs

2. The Leonardt General writing nib has a stiff action and good ink flow

3. The Leonardt Point nib finished with Nickel plate is good for Copperplate and Spencerian

4. Leonardt Copying nib, is good for drawing and general use

5. Brause Bandzug, 1mm Calligraphy nib, great for Italic writing with reservoir

Reservoir - NZ$3

Nibs - NZ$4 each

Calligraphy Sets


Always wash your new nib with warm soapy water, then dry, to remove the protective film, this lets the nib carry the ink rather than shedding it

You can load the nib by dipping it in a bottle, but it’s best than to touch it on the side to remove excessive ink, never allow the ink to go past the breather hole. A more controlled way is to use a bottle with a dropper top such as these Roher & Klingner ones, you just squeeze the bulb to apply the ink to the underside of the nib.

However, most inks will work well with a dip pen

Always wash and dry your nib after use

Leonard Principal A high quality Extra fine nib for Copperplate and Spencerian writing  NZ$7

Esterbrook   Slightly flexible, medium, oval turned up point point, ultra smooth, silver finish   NZ$7

Mitchell Italic with reservoir, silver finish  NZ$4

Heath GP        NZ$7

Brooks B GP    NZ$7