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Penclassics     the write pen

Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges

Jet Black

Blue Black


Mediterranean  Blue


Majestic Blue

Imperial Purple


International Size  - Small  -  Pack of 6

Pack of 6 -  NZ$ 5.50 each   OR  2 packs for NZ$10

Pack of 18 available in Jet Black or Blue Black for NZ$12.50

Pack of 10  NZ$9.99

Black         Red         Blue/Black

PACK OF 2 - NZ$ 2.50

Black   Light Blue  Red  Pink

Purple  Yellow  Green  Brown

Waterman Cartridges - Pack of 8

Serenity Blue       (Florida Blue) Out of stock

Mysterious Blue    (Blue Black)

Intense Black       (Black)

NZ$ 10.99

Parker Ink Cartridges Pk 5 Large

Black, Blue/Black and Blue


Platinum Ink Cartridges

Ancient Copper

Pilot IC-50 Cartridges BLACK  Pack 6

NZ$ 5

Woodland Green

Sapphire Blue

Out of stock

Royal Blue

Prussian Blue


Passion Red

Platinum Carbon Black Cartridges

 Pack of 4 - NZ$ 6

Platinum Pigment Blue Cartridge

Pack 10


Sailor Fountain Pen Cartridges

Pack of 10  NZ$9.99

Blue and Black