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Hero 616 Pens

I’m always trying out new pens from around the world and a few months ago I bought a Hero 616 pen to see what they are like. They are very similar to a Parker 51 and at one point were made in the old Parker factory in Shanghai.

To be honest, they aren’t in the same class as a genuine Parker 51, but they are very good for such an inexpensive pen.

The fine nib is steel and so is the cap. Aerometric filling system for use with bottled ink

Mine has performed very well over the past few months, reasonable ink flow and no skips or misses, and no sign of a leak, I think that they should be a good quality, long lasting Fountain Pen

A note of caution though, the nibs are a bit rough out of the box so now I always adjust and smooth them prior to despatch…..

Hero 616 Fountain Pen

There are three sizes, and three colours, all with Fine nibs

‘Doctor’         1.45mm    NZ$9.99 (Out of Stock)

‘Jumbo’         1.37mm    NZ$9.99

‘Standard’      1.27mm    NZ$8.99

Three Colours, Black, Burgundy and Green