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Penclassics     the write pen

Jinhao Ballpen, lacquer finish on metal body

These are beautiful pens, the Black is available in Gloss or Matte  NZ$5.99

Jinhao Chrome Plated Ballpen models, Slightly different finish, both the same length at 140mm  NZ$5.99

Beautiful Red Lamy style Ballpen, A good looking pen 140mm


Jinhao A choice from four beautiful deep glassy Black pens.

Specify, top, second, third or bottom. All 140mm


Jinhao top of the range This is a very solidly built, long lasting Executive pen  NZ$9.99

Jinhao Ball Point Pens.

I’ve never been big in to Ball Pens, but for those that use them, these are top quality pens, an such good value

They take Parker style refills and these have a 0.7mm Black point

These pens are very solidly made, with metal bodies, and the manufacturing quality is excellent. I’ve used a couple in the office for 12 months and they still look like new

Al the models are NZ$5.99 each OR  BUY 2 FOR NZ$9.99   What a steal!!!

except the bottom pen which is NZ$ 9.99