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Nib Grinding

The nibs on the X450 and X750 are a large size 6 and have quite a lot of tipping material, so lend themselves to Stub and Italic conversion, either formal or cursive. This enables line variation in your writing which I think is more interesting. I can also grind oblique, left or right.

Probably the maximum width with tipping will be about 0.8mm, without tipping I can get 1.1 to 1.5mm

Jinhao X750

Large Size 6 Medium Nib and Silver trims. Metal body. Screw Type Converter, Slip on Cap

Weight 37gm, length 143mm

This a substantial pen, a real mans pen(?) :-)

I’ve been using one for a couple of months and they are great pens for the money. They do seem to be well made, everything works well and the nib is smooth with a good ink flow. It’s no Sailor, but pretty good.How do they do it for the price?

Images Below

Top:                        Matte Black (Glossy Black also available)

Second from top:     White

Third from Top:      Deep Red Gold veins

Bottom:                  Check (Out of stock)

NZ$ 9.99

Jinhao X750 Black and Silver - Fude-de Mannen Nibs.

Screw Converter for use with bottled ink

Metal Body and slip on cap

142 mm Long Weight 37 Gms

NZ$ 9.99  Out of stock

Colours: Glossy Black and Check

Jinhao 500

These are really classy pens, with a black cap and different patterns on the barrel with Smooth Gold Plated Standard Two Tone Medium Nibs and trims SUPERB SMOOTH NIBS

Length 136mm, Weight 35gms Screw converter

Was NZ$ 12.99 Now $9.99

Top image Pearl body Out of stock

Second image Black/Gold cross pattern body

Third image has a marble effect body

Fourth Image has chequer board pattern

Fifth image is black Out of Stock

Bottom image is Red/Black marble  Out of stock

Jinhao X450   Large No 6  Gold Plated Medium nib

Large Size 5 18k Gold Plated Nib and trims. Metal body.’Screw Type Converter, Slip on Cap

Weight 43gm, length 143mm   Another pen with heft

Pictured below,

Top:       Matte Black

2nd          Glossy Black

3rd          Blue  Out of Stock

4th          Deep Red

5th          Bright Red

6th          Gold

7th          Mottled Deep Red

8th          Mottled Black and Red

9th          Mottled Black and Red with Gold veins

10th        Grey Marble  (Out of Stock)                              


This X450 has had the nib ground to a stub

Jinhao X450. Another colour/design I’ve just found!

There are black veins running through it

Jinhao X750 Stainless Steel  NZ$9.99 now in stock

X750 Two new colours, Purple and Blue/Black     Both $12.99