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Penclassics     the write pen


Mylar Sheets  Aluminium Oxide. These are large sheets, 20cm in Diameter so you can get lots of use out of them……perfect for nib smoothing.

Green are 1 um (12000 Grit)and the Pink ones are 3um  (4000 Grit)

NZ$9.40 each

Buffing Sticks for Nib smoothing - Aluminium Oxide

With three grit sizes: Pinks is 2400 Grit, White is 4000 Grit and Grey (on the reverse) is 12000 Grit

NZ$4.95 Each

Gear for Re-saccing and converting to Eyedroppers

Shellac         Small Capsule                                          NZ $1.50

Pure Talc     Small Capsule (Unscented USP grade)       NZ $1.00

Silicone Grease Small Capsule                                     NZ $1.00

O Rings for converting a Preppy to EyeDropper          NZ $1.50