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Notebooks, Writing Pads and Accessories

TWSBI Notepad Specifications:

Universal to all types of writing/drawing instruments, however, specially tailored for fountain pens. Weight 80gsm

Very good paper to write on, dries much quicker than Rhodia Bloc 80 for example. Little bleed through.

I’m using a notebook regularly and find it excellent.

Small: 3.75 W x 5.5 H (inches)                     NZ$15.99 (Grid out of stock)

Medium: 5.25 W x 8.25 H (inches)               NZ$19.99 (Lined out of stock)

Large: 7.5 W x 9.8 H (inches)                       NZ$26.99  (Grid only left)

Notepads all have 120 leaves (240 pages), very good value

Perforated pages on the Small size book only.

Available with lined, grid or blank pages  


TWSBI Ink Bottles

Vac 20 for Vac 700 Pen

Red and Green in stock


Fountain Pen Converters

Sailor Converter                                             NZ$ 13

Platinum Converter                                        NZ$ 14

Platinum slide Converter                                NZ$ 4.50

Parker Slide Converter                                   NZ$ 9

Parker Twist Converter                                  NZ$16

Schmidt International Converter                     NZ$ 12

Jinhao International Converter                       NZ$ 3.50

Generic International Converter                     NZ$ 4.50

Sheaffer Converter                                         NZ$16

Waterman                                                      NZ$ 18

Pilot C-20                                                       NZ$ 8

Pilot Con-50                                                   NZ$12

Pilot  EL20  8812 Aerometric  type                 NZ$ 8

International Aerometric type                        NZ$ 8                      


Vac 50 For 580 and Minis - Aluminium Cap

The bottles with plastic caps have been phased out and my new stock has aluminium fillers and caps. These are really superb!!!!, and are quite a step up from the old ones with plastic caps

Silver, Red and Blue available


Fountain Pen Ink Cleaner Kit (Pen Flush)

Two sizes/types are available

1. European Pens  2  Japanese Pens           NZ$25.99

Platinum Ink Cleaning Set

 Platinum Leather Pen Case    Made in Japan

Finest quality leather.

Takes up to 4 Pens

NZ$ 69  (Out of Stock)

Fine quality leather

Takes three pens

NZ$ 65

Fine Quality Leather

Takes up to three pens

NZ$ 55

Leather Pen Case, Zipped

Takes up to three pens

NZ$ 22


I‘ve managed to acquire some blotting paper. Not the type that I remember using at school, but it does work satisfactorily. It’s been cut in to approximately A4 Sheet Sizes (a bit shorter, but wider). Each sheet makes four strips for my blotter, although I appreciate that all blotters aren’t equal!

$2 for four sheets, and they will fit in an A4 $3.50 postage. Contact me.

Syringes with blunt needles for re-filling Fountain Pen cartridges or eyedropper pens for use with bottled ink

10ml   NZ$3.95

5ml     NZ$3.75 Out of stock

2ml     NZ$3.75

Cartridges typically hold less that 2ml of ink

Pipette (Polypropylene) 10ml

These can be used to fill Eyedropper pens or to dispense adhesive or silicone fluid

They have a multitude of uses

 3 for NZ$5

Vac 20a

For use with Mini Vac and Vac700

Red, Green and Black Caps available


Pen case for 96 Pens, PVC but looks and feels good

NZ$39 Out of Stock

Pen Case, PVC  holds one large pen or two slim ones