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 Platinum Kanazawa leafs

The highest level of craftsmanship has been generously poured into these fountain pens in magnificently decorating them with Kanazawa leafs.

The use of 18K makes the tip of the pen firm and resilient, giving slight flex. Special attention is also given to the thickness of the pen tip: the base of the tip is thin and becomes thicker toward the end of the tip, which provides the tip with a perfect balance between appropriate resilience and the ease of writing.

The comfort of writing without the application of much pressure on the tip has been pursued and brought to a reality as a result of data analysis of about 30,000 writing materials. Meticulous efforts are focused on the materialization of the ease of grip and comfort of writing.

TOP IMAGE: Red Mt Fuji - Fine Nib                         (Out of stock)

LOWER IMAGE: Changing Autumn Leaves - Fine Nib (Out of stock)

BOTTOM IMAGE: Cherry Blossoms Fine Nib               IN STOCK

Brand : Kanazawa leafs, ● Nib : 18K gold  These nibs have some flex

● Body : AS Resin with Kanazawa leafs

● Size : 139mm(Full Length)*13(Max diameter) Weight 16.7gms

RRP NZ$365, now NZ$249, Save $116

Brand : Kanazawa leafs   “Crane with Mt Fuji” and “Bush Warbler”

Both Medium Nibs Leaf application on the barrel only) andNOTE: This model has Leaf application only on the barrel

● Nib : 18K gold These nib have some Flex

● Nib size : Medium

Body : AS Resin with Kanazawa leafs

● Size : 139mm(Full Length)*13(Max diameter)  Weight 16.7 gms

RRP NZ$344  Now NZ$219   Save NZ$125

Best Prices for Platinum Maki-e Pens

The traditional Japanese Lacqering techique

Japanese pens, these are Cool Pens

Youtube Video of Kananzawa Leafs

Platinum 3776 Urushi Maki e    ‘SANSUI’  A Large Impressive Pen

Resin Body with the exquisite craftsmanship  displayed in the fine application of the precious powders and finished with numerous coats of Urushi Lacquer.

14K Medium Nib

Length closed 146mm, Diameter 14.5mm

Fitted with a converter

This special pen that will become a family heirloom and can be passed on to succeeding generations.

RRP NZ$ 700 Now NZ$395, Save NZ$305  (Available to Order  10 days)

Urushi, an Oriental natural varnish with unique coating properties, is featured in the art of Maki-e, an original Japanese technique for decorating lacquer-ware

When Urushi was introduced to Japan in the Asuka Era (592-710 AD), its beautiful deep lustre inspired the Japanese to create the Maki-e technique, which is characterised by an Urushi coating highlighted with touches of gold and silver powder.

The Maki-e technique was first devised in the Tempyo Era, (710-794AD) and wa further refined in the Heian Era (794-1194 AD), when the method was perfected and several distinct styles emerged.

The beautiful traditional patterns, featuring rich lustrous surfaces, enhanced by elegant touches of gold and silver, are highly appreciated by enthusiasts throughout the world.

Platinum brings this tradition to you with a line of High Quality Fountain Pens decorated with tasteful Maki-e designs.

When you experience the balanced weight, exquisite touch and the smooth flowing feeling of writing with one of these Maki-e pens, you will never want to be without one

Autumn Leaves  Out of Stock

Mt Fuji    Out of Stock

Bush Warbler        Out of stock

Cherry Blossom       In Stock

Crane and Mt Fuji        In stock