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Sailor pens have apparently received complaints from their Dealers in Australia that I have been selling their pens too cheaply, and taking business from them.

 As a result Sailor have stopped supplying me, as they don’t want to upset their Australian Dealers

I decided to cut the price of my pens, and take a very small profit in order to compete with the aggressive on-line E-Bay sellers in Japan, because Sailor openly allow them to undercut the Dealers and refuse to do anything about it.

Prior to me reducing my prices I was selling very few Sailor pens and I wasn’t prepared to along with it. I actually wanted to sell pens, rather than just be a prestigious dealer who didn’t sell pens!

Japanese cut price on-line sellers account for most pen sales

It seems that the Australian Sailor Dealers, as with most other of their dealers, are content to sell very few pens at a very high profit, and don’t want sharp competition from New Zealand.


It is a very strange situation and I’m probably best out of it!  :-)

I still have some Sailor pens in stock, so contact me if you are looking to buy