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Until this last week I’ve been using my TWSBI 540 and the TWSBI Vac 700 but I felt that it was time to thoroughly check out the TWSBI Mini as it’s now become my best selling TWSBI pen

So…..I’ve been using my Black Mini for about a week now and can see why they have become so popular.

Anyway, I won’t go through all that packaging stuff as I’m sure you’ve seen it and read about it before.

This Black pen has a Medium Point Stainless Nib and I have it filled with Waterman Florida Blue at the moment, an old favourite.

A few facts.

Length Capped  120mm

Length Posted   140mm

Barrel Diameter  12.5mm

Weight with ink  21Gms

My first impressions are that it is a beautifully made pen, the quality of the later TWSBIs is far superior to their first model, and the Mini feels particularly good. The cap unscrews very smoothly with no sharp edges anywhere, a sign or good machining. In some ways it reminds me of when you close the door of an upmarket car, you hear a solid clunk rather than a tinny clang. Hmm, maybe not a particularly good analogy, but I know what I mean!

The barrel is faceted in the Diamond pattern which is the signature of TWSBI pens, setting them apart from most manufacturers, and very attractive it is too. The Resin on this pen is a very deep glossy black, and although the Mini Classic and the Mini Clear are the more popular models, I like good quality black pens. The trims and clip have a shiny chrome type finish which contrasts nicely with the black and the acronym TWSBI is etched in to the broad cap ring. The pocket clip is good and sturdy without being too stiff and of course the cap jewel is both attractive and instantly recognizable.

A really neat feature about this pen is the cap that posts by screwing on. At first I did wonder if it was any benefit, but having used the pen for about a week I realize what useful idea it is. It makes the cap very secure if you are moving around whilst using it, invaluable if you are on the move.

The Mini is relatively small, which again makes it ideal for people travelling as it more easily fits in a bag or pocket, but to me it makes it does make it a necessity to post the cap when writing.

It feels much better balanced when the cap is posted. I tend to prefer larger pens like the TWSBI Vac 700 but the Mini does feel to be ideally weighted when posted and is very comfortable in the hand.

Of course all TWSBIs are fitted with a benchmark piston filling system, like the best German pens and this one works very efficiently. You simply dip the nib in the ink, turn the filling cap left, then right and hey presto, the pen is full. These pens hold one ml of ink which is a third more than a typical converter, another benefit for those who travel.

The Medium Point Stainless Steel Jowo nib writes very smoothly, its remarkable how Stainless nibs have improved over the years and these quality German Jowo nibs are the business.

This particular medium nib lays down pretty much ideal line to my way of thinking, slightly on the dry side of medium wetness, again especially useful for people travelling, who need the ink to dry quickly. It is certainly a drier line than my 540 but not especially so.

The nib started first time it touched the paper, even though I had I filled it several weeks before I started using it. Never a hint of a skip or a miss, it behaved impeccably.

There is very little flex in the nib, although it’s no nail, just a pleasant softness on the paper.

Spare Nibsets are available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, and Broad with 1.1 Stub and 1.5 Stub for the Calligraphy buffs. The nibs are very easy to change, what a benefit!

These pens are a cinch to take apart for cleaning and reassemble, instructions are provided along with a wrench and silicone grease, what more could you ask for?

Just the pen for people who travel a lot or tend to move around taking notes, not to forget those with smaller hands! Real quality.

TWSBI Mini Review

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