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Sailor 1911 Large Fountain Pen with Zoom Nib.

I recently received by new pen. And what a pen.

Having owned a small collection of Sailor premium pens for some time, I always really wanted the large version of the 1911, so I finally decided to take the plunge.

Additionally, although I have a Zoom nib on a Sailor Somiko (no longer produced), its gold plated steel one, and whilst it’s a nice nib I really wanted to try their top of the range 21k version.

So here I am, combining my dreams and being the proud possessor of a Yellow 1911L with the 21k Zoom Nib

Arriving in the usual packaging that they use for their Premium Pens, classy, but simple and functional, I couldn’t wait to ink it.

The 1911Large is conservatively styled in a classical sort of way, an oriental version of the Montblanc  146, not a bad style to emulate.

As soon as you pick it up, you aware that it’s a quality writing instrument, every little detail of the pen is superb, hard to describe without handling one, a pen for appreciative aficionados.

It has a screw cap and converter filler, although you can get the new  Realo version, which is a piston filler, with a small ink viewing window. The yellow gold trims are 24k gold plated.

The nib of course is something else and is quite unique, other than some of Sailor’s speciality nibs. There are many good nibs produced, and I have some, but in my opinion Sailor nibs are just about the finest you can get.

This Zoom nib simply glides across the paper, and sorry to repeat myself, but you really have to experience one of these nibs to fully appreciate the smoothness, but good feedback.  I have been using Rhodia  80g paper but I’m going to try the new notebooks from TWSBI so that will be interesting.

I’ve forgotten which blue ink this is because I have about half a dozen on my desk, how sad is that. Anyway I’ll definitely try it with Sailor ink next time. These 21k Sailor nibs do tend a little bit towards being wet, but not excessively so. You are rewarded with a nib that always starts first time, and never, ever misses of skips.

As with most modern nibs, it isn’t really a flexi nib, it just has a delightful soft feel as it touches the paper.

Generally speaking semi flex nibs are my favourites, so that I can get good line variation, but other than a couple of good ones from Pilot, there aren’t many new ones available, which is why I still collect and use vintage pens.

You can get line variation with this nib, but in a different way. The nib is broader at the base of the tip and narrows towards the end, so as you increase the angle of the pen to paper, by making the pen more upright, so the line narrows. I’ve shown an image of the line widths above. You can actually vary the line from extra fine to maybe a double broad.

The nib will also write on its side, and even upside down for a very fine line.

There is a full range of these nibs available, as shown on this website

So if you want one of the world’s finest writing instruments, this could be your pen.

The equivalent pen from Europe, the top German brands cost more than twice as much!


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