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Platinum 3776 with Two Slit Music Nib - Review

This is my first Platinum Pen, the Platinum 3776 with Music Nib.

I’d often seen them offered on EBay and wondered what they were like.

To me, the nib is the most important part of the pen, the heart…like the hook on a fishing line, you can actually manage without most of the things behind it, and I did say most, not all. Therefore I tend to go for the nibs I like and then the pen itself is something of a secondary decision…probably why I’m a great fan of Japanese pens.

I already owned a Sailor Music nib, set in a 1911S, which I love writing with but was repeatedly drawn to the Platinum Music Nib, the one with two slits.

So here I am with a brief review of my Black Platinum 3776 Balance with a 14k Music Nib.

The pen arrived in quite a nice brown ‘velveteen’ type presentation case, within a cardboard sleeve, which seems to be fairly typical of upscale Japanese pens. A Converter and one cartridge were supplied; these Platinum Cartridges have quite neat gold appearance and are probably one of the better looking ones that I’ve come across.

The pen is quite large is just over 140mm, almost the same size as the Montblanc  146 (and a TWSBI 540) and in fact comes in the usual style of the big Montblancs. This classic, although restrained style is common with the big Japanese makers, such as the Sailor 1911L, but you must remember that Japan is a very conservative country where to a large extent; they value substance more than style. Maybe the opposite to say Italian fountain pens, although I’m not being critical of them as I have a beautiful Visconti Midnight Voyager.

It is a medium weight  at 24 gms with ink

This pen is very well made, with very close tolerances, everything fits superbly and all the threads are smooth.  It has a typical deep glow from the top quality resin which helps to highlight the gold plated trims.

The only markings on the pen are ’Platinum 3776 Made in Japan’ stamped on the broad cap ring. The pocket clip is quite stiff but not excessively so.

The pen feels quite nicely balanced and of course that is where it got its name, the cap being very slightly heavier in relation to the barrel than many pens. I usually write with a pen posted and this feels pretty well ideal, although I also found it to be quite satisfactory un-posted, so that’s good.

It also feels nice and comfortable when used for longish periods of writing. To me that means perhaps one and a half hours, nothing to how long we used them in the old days!

The Nib. The fact that it has two slits makes it a quite an unusual and interesting nib.

It feels quite soft and there is a small amount of flex, sufficient to make it feel comfortable and it smoothly glides across the paper. Similar flex to the Sailor Music nib.

I tested it on both a cheaper 70gm Michelrius and 80gm Rhodia without any problems, it is as quiet and smooth as the Sailor Music nib and that is saying something.

Nor is it so wet at the Sailor Music nib, it lays down a pretty well ideal line, Platinum really seem to have got this nib spot on and I couldn’t find any fault. Superb nib

I really like this pen and I can envisage giving it a lot of use.

Sorry about the red ink showing on the nib, I’m using Herbin Anniversay red

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