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Parker 45 Harlequin and Flighter De Luxe

The Parker 45 has been around for quite a bit longer than most people realize. They were actually launched in 1960, although I don’t remember seeing them in the early 60s….. those were my Parker 51 years. Apparently they initially launched as a budget fountain pen, partially aimed at school children, although Platignum, Mentmore, Burnham are the ones that I mainly recall.

I think that it was in the 70s that I bought my first one, the stainless steel bodied Harlequin with the ‘Circlet’ design and a medium steel nib. I was never particularly enamoured with it, to me it was just a pen and there were far more interesting ones around. Despite it’s reasonably attractive looks it disappeared in to a drawer for many a year, I only tried it out again after starting this website.

Some years later I seemed to acquire a Parker 45 De Luxe with the 14K Gold nIb, and Gold plated clip and trim

The push on cap works smoothly and clips firmly on to the gold plated clutch ring. Unscrewing the barrel is a fairly average 5 turns and the simple squeeze type filler works very efficiently.

These old Parker filling systems really take some beating!

In fact this is an easy simple pen to own, I’ve overcome my initial indifference to them, this model is really neat. Good quality clip, hard wearing finish and a smooth (but not too smooth) medium point gold nib are the clinchers. They are very reliable, which is probably the reason for their long production life and the nib and feed are easy to clean.

To be honest you would be hard pressed to find a more practical pen, Parker did well in it’s development.

They are 139 mm long when capped and 149mm posted, a decent medium sized pen that still has a place in this modern world