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Fountain Pen Repairs and Nib Grinding,Tuning/Straightening

This is really a hobby for me so my charges mainly cover the cost of materials, tools etc and are quite modest. I just like to get pens back in to working condition, because, when they are gone, they are gone……..

I have the tools to repair most types of fountain pens but still keep buying tehm, it’s a good job that it’s a hobby and not a career

Nib straightening, adjusting and tuning.

Nib grinding, to various styles, depending on your existing nib.for example I’ve converted some of the Jinhao Medium/Broad Nibs to Medium/Broad Stub and Italic, and Fine of course

Pre delivery tuning on new pen nibs if requested (No charge)

Pen cleaning and refurbishing, inside and out, nibs and feeds cleaned by Ultra -Sonic cleaner

Vintage Pen Re-sacking and pressure/J Bars replaced

Sheaffer Snorkel, PFM and Touchdown filling systems repaired

Vacumatic and Button filler diaphragms replaced

If you want to replace the sac yourself I stock a full range of sizes and shellac

Metal Cap de-dinging/dent removal (Parker 51)

Hard Rubber Pens Restoration to original black


Email me via the contact form to explain the problem and if possible include a photo of the problem

There is no charge if I can’t fix the pen, success fee only

My charges are pretty modest as it’s a hobby I’m supposedly retired!

NEW….. Vintage Pen Sacs

I get a lot of requests for Fountain Pen Sacs, so I’ve decided to stock them in Sizes 12 to 22. Also special Sacs, O rings, Gaskets etc for Parker 51, Vacumatics, Waterman Ink-Vue, Sheaffer Pen For Men, Vac Fill, Snorkels and Touchdowns

Standard Straight sacs are NZ$5.0 each, ask about special sizes and I can provide a small capsule of Shellac for NZ$1.50 . This would be enough for several sacs as they only need a small amount. Capsule of talc. NZ$1

Maybe semi retired…..

Contact form

Jinhao X450 and X750, along with the TWSBI broad nibs have quite a lot of tipping material so lend themselves to nib conversion. They can be ground to stub or italic, (formal or cursive), also oblique, left and right. Maximum line width about 0.8mm.

I seem to be spending more and more time repairing and refurbishing pens, fortunately I love doing it!!

There are a lot of pens advertised on Trademe that are in very poor condition  and often inaccurately described, most through ignorance, some I suspect by design. If you’ve been caught, contact me to see if the problem can be resolved. I sell standard straight Fountain Pen Sacs for $4 each, ask about special sizes

I’ve also just obtained the tools and mandrels to de-ding Parker caps

 Email me via the Contact Me Form to explain the problem.

Important Note

I take great care with any pens sent to me for repair/restoration or nib alteration, but vintage pens are particularly fragile so you must accept that there is always a risk involved. Sometimes there are cracks, invisible to the naked eye and other times there is severe deterioration inside the pen…..and nibs can have minute cracks only visible under high magnification. Therefore despite taking all precautions nothing can be guaranteed, as there are too many variables, even after superficial inspection.

So all repairs are at the owners risk