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This beautiful pen has been sat on my desk for quite a few weeks.

I just couldn’t make up my mind which ink to fill it with, but in the last few days before Christmas I had a rush of decisiveness and filled it with Platinum Blue Black ink. Now for those of you who are knowledgeable about ink, you will know that it’s a classical permanent and almost waterproof ink.  It will smudge if submerged in water after it has dried, but is still very readable, I’ll put a photo on this page to show you. You can read more about it on my Platinum Ink Information page..it’s a nice traditional ink which dries very quickly.

Being just before the Christmas holiday, it gave me the opportunity to give it some serious use whilst I was away visiting the family…ideal timing

These are large pens, 140mm when capped with a barrel diameter of 13.5mm at the widest point which is the same as the Sailor ProGear.

It is a handsome pen, a translucent Burgundy with Gold Plated trims, it glows when it catches the light. I’m not sure that fact is evident on the photo from the Platinum Official Website so I’ll take some of my own to see if I can highlight it.

It looks beautifully made….and it is. The screw cap is very smooth, similarly with the barrel, good precise machining and very well finished.

High end Platinum pens, such as this are fitted with very high quality twist converters, in my opinion they are up there with the very best, good looking too with a classy gold finish.

The 3776 Century incorporates the Platinum Slip and Seal mechanism which prevents the ink from drying out in the pen when it’s capped, for a year or more, very useful

The nib is quite large, a size 6 I would think. There very smart, and I’ll show a photo shortly. This one has a smooth Medium point nib and wrote beautifully out of the box, no tuning needed. I’ll also put a photo on of a writing example.

A perfect ink flow, if there is such a thing, just a little short of being medium wet with no trace of hesitation or skips/misses, the Japanese certainly know how to make nibs.

I would imagine that even the most picky Fountain Pen user would be happy with this, although it doesn’t have any flex as such, very little indicated by the thumb nail test. However it’s soft and definitely doesn’t feel like a nail.

It’s very smooth with quite good feedback, (the review was written on Rhodia Bloc 80) and the Platinum ink matches the pen very well as you would expect.

I’ve enjoyed using the Platinum 3776 Century pen as well as the Platinum Blue Black Ink,and am intending to continue for a few months to give them both a good workout after which I’ll update this review.

Written December 2013

 A brief update 20 September 2014

I’ve come to like this pen.

After using it for some months, I found that it was writing just a touch dry for my taste, as I prefer a quite wet line.

So I set to, tweaking the tines and the tip.

Now I have a pen that is writing superbly with a well tuned nib, giving a line thickness of about 0.6mm as opposed to 0.5mm previously

(0.5mm is the width for most Japanese Medium nibs, European being a tad wider.

 What more could you ask for?

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