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Penclassics     the write pen

Blue-Black 60ml Bottle

Modern version of Iron Gall Ink, but completely suitable for Fountain Pens

Non fading and Water resistant

Platinum Ink Bottles and Cartridges.

These are premium quality inks, some of the finest that you can obtain. Superb flow and good saturation

Pack of 10

Black         Red         Blue/Black

60ml Bottles With  a Reservoir in the bottle

Black,  Blue Black and Red


Cartridges Pk 10   NZ$9.99

Cartridges Pk 2     NZ$2.50

PACK OF 2 - Black   Blue/Black  Red  Pink

Purple  Yellow  Green  Blue  Brown

Platinum Fountain Pen Converter


Will be Shipped by Letter Post in New Zealand  NZ$2.40

NZ$4 to Australia

Pigment Ink

Due to application of ultra-fine particles,often known as NANO PARTICLE INK, this NEW PIGMENT INK is characterised with improved chromogenic,quick-drying and water-resistance. With this ink the written characters remain firm for a long time, with sharp edges and no feathering

Because of the very fine particles in suspension, this new generation of inks are now suitable for Fountain Pens and don’t clog!

 It is ideal for writing on Public Documents, Contracts etc. Where clarity and longevity are very important

ColoursShown below: Blue, Brun Sepia, Rose Red

60ml Bottle



Pigmented “carbon ink” was initially released to high acclaim by Platinum Pen in May 2001.
The ink is known for having one of the most intense black colors even today.

When using the ink, a number of cartoonists and manga enthusiasts have stated that they typically take apart the cartridges and transfer the ink to bottles. In response, Platinum Pen has decided to market a new bottle type of “carbon ink. Water resistant and no feathering, even on copy paper

Water-based pigmented ink for pigment ink for use in a fountain pen, very popular with Cartoonists and Artists

Archival Quality, for use with Public Documents, Contracts etc


60cc Bottle

NZ$ 25   

Carbon Black Platinum Cartridges Pack of 4 - NZ$ 5

Black - A Very deep Black

60 ml Bottle

Red 60ml Bottle

A soft red with good saturation