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Platinum Plaisir Review

People frequently ask me about the Platinum Plaisir so I thought that I’d write a few notes.

So, Platinum Fountain pen, off we go.

Firstly let me say that this as an excellent pen

I’ve had a graphite version on long term test for 12 months or more so am in a reasonablr position to judge it. The pen has been filled with Sailor Grenade ink which I find superb, a quite saturated deep red with excellent flow, cracking colour! It’s a pity that it’s out of production

The body of the Plaisir is anodised aluminium, with a transparent resin feed so you can see the ink in there. It feels very well made, precisely machined as with all Platinum Pens and it’s got a comfortable feel and is well balanced.

Length is 142mm, so it’s quite a large pen, and it’s light at 16gms.

They usually just come with a cartridge although adaptors are supplied so that they can be used with International cartridges. Mine is fitted with a converter so that I can use bottled ink.

The nibs are very good, nice and smooth, available as Fine or Medium, mine is fitted with Fine.

It writes just as a good pen should, starting immediately upon being uncapped, even after weeks or months without being used. No skips or misses and a nice medium wet flow.

So I’ve found it to be an extremely practical pen, no dramas or issues, it just works perfectly when ever I need it.

You can’t beat that.

 Platinum Plaisir