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Penclassics     the write pen

Platinum Preppy.

where else can you find such a good pen for this incredible price?

Platinum Preppy with Fine 0.3mm or Medium 0.5mm Nib

Blue, Pink, Black, Red

NZ$8.48  BUY 2 FOR NZ$16

This is an interesting fountain Pen and appeared as a GOAT PEN on a recent YouTube video, quite an accolade for such a low priced pen. At these prices, anyone can enjoy the pleasures of using a real pen for real writing.

They are supplied with a single Platinum cartridge and I keep these in stock

It can be used with a cartridge, converter or even as an eyedropper pen for the more enthusiastic users. I’ve converted one to an eyedropper for myself in the  office and they are great, so much ink capacity, seem to last for ages between fills.

Below is the link to a good video on YouTube by Stephen Brown

NZ$8.48  Converter can be supplied for $4.50

How neat is that!

Eyedropper Pen

If you wish I can convert the pen to an eyedropper for you for $4 and include a 10ml pipette for you to fill it with

They hold a huge amount of ink and look amazing when filled!

NOW Also available in Extra Fine, 02mm, with new design. Blue, Black and Red

NZ$8.48 BUY 2 for NZ$16