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Mysterious Blue

(Blue Black)

Intense Black

Serenity Blue

(Florida Blue)

Inspired Blue

(South Seas Blue)

Along with Quink,Probably one of the most historic and respected inks

still available.

Widely accepted amongst fountain pen enthusiasts as a benchmark, and one of

the worlds premier inks. Superb flow and lubrication characteristics

Florida Blue is the benchmark ink and I use it for testing the writing of

nibs that I work on.


50 ml Bottle   NZ$  17.00  

Waterman  Cartridges  Pk of 8    NZ$  10.99

Waterman Ink Bottles & Cartridges

Waterman Fountain Pen Ink NZ

Waterman Ink Cartridges NZ

Waterman Fountain Pen Cartridges NZ

Harmonious Green

Out of stock

Havana Brown

Out of stock

Audacious Red

Cartridges Pack of 8

Serenity Blue     (Florida Blue)

Mysterious Blue    (Blue Black)

Intense Black       (Black)

NZ$ 10.99

Tender Purple