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Penclassics     the write pen

Sailor Fountain Pens for the young

Sailor Le Coule available in five colours

These are really neat pens and great if you are new to Fountain Pens. They can be used with bottled ink or Sailor cartridges (available from PenClassics)

Fine nib. Great quality as you would expect.

Colours, Violet, Blue, Smoke, Red and Fresh Green.  These except Green are still in stock

 Price includes a converter and two spare cartridges

NZ$37.99                                            Length  123mm

Sailor Pen - the Clear Candy

For the Young!

Superb Value in three colours Sky Blue, Dark Blue and White, Red and White

A cheap Fountain Pen, ideal for beginners or teaching youngsters to write properly

Smooth Fine Nib, with good ink flow, super writers

Length 135mm

Now fitted with a Converter so that bottled ink can be used


Red/White, Sky Blue in stock


Sailor LeCoule Fountain Pen Three new colours

Fine Nibs and High Quality Converter


New Colours: Pearl, Garnet and Lapis Lazuli  All sold out

Beautiful lustre to the resin bodies, they glow


Sailor Hi Ace Neo

Another classy, inexpensive pen from Sailor

Satin metal cap, resin body, Fine steel nib. Colours, Blue, Black and Red  Sold Out

Supplied with two Sailor Cartridges, but you can buy a slide a slide converter  for $3 if required