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Sailor Multi function Pen - Metalino

These are high quality writing instruments and write superbly…. probably better than any ball pen that I’ve used….so if you feel the need to use a ball point pen, then these are an excellent choice

Light Aluminium with smart matte body

Only Silver left

Each pen includes Two ink colour refills , Red and Black, plus 0.5mm Pencil

NZ$19.99 Sold out

    Pencil 0.5mm                  Black Ball Pen                 Red Ball Pen

3 Points in one pen

Includes Eraser

Red and Black refills in stock at NZ$2.50 each

Sailor Procolor Ballpen

The Procolor range is based on the seasons in Japan.

Procolor Pink 300 Ball Pen  with 0.7mm point and Twist mechanism


Sailor Multi Function Pens

Fairline 6   Six different colours       $5.99

Fairline 4    Four different colours   $4.99

Fairline       Single colour                 $2.99

These are very good quality writing instruments, not like some of the rubbish you see on sale