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Sailor Precious Wood Series

These are two superb pens, for the person who wants something distinctive yet subtle and stylish, that stands out from the crowd

Because they are tropical hardwoods, in the hand they have that very intimate feel.

Both are 130mm long, the same as a Pelican M400, with Gold Plated trims and superb Fine 14k Gold nibs. Sailor nibs are a byword for smoothness.

The pen in the top image is ‘Kokotan’, made from Ebony, you can see the subtle variations in the grain on the cap

The bottom image shows ‘Tagaya’, made from Ironwood.

Unfortunately, these shots of mine still don’t do justice to the pens

Sailor Precious Wood Ebony

14K Fine Nib           NZ$299  NOW $269 Sold

Sailor Precious Wood Ironwood  SOLD

Sailor Precious Wood