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Parker Pens

Vintage and Pre-owned

Duofold International Early Model, late 1980s Medium 18k Nib

Superb condition, including converter

Very special build quality and smooth nib

NZ$269  SOLD

Duofold International - Early 1990s - 18k Medium Nib

Superb condition, Original box

Flagship Parker Pens with very special build quality

NZ$289 Sold

English Duofold Maxima ………….It appears to be unused……….  SUPERB PEN

Correct 14k Medium nib

Large Pen, top of the Range at the time


Ringtop - Parker Lucky Curve Button filler 120mm

Original 14k Duofold  Medium/ Fine Nib

Tortoiseshell, very Good condition


Parker 45 Flighter De Luxe, Rolled Gold Trims

Excellent Condition

Medium Point Nib - Late 1960s/1970s  SOLD

Parker 17 Lady - Early 1960s Medium Point Nib

Some signs of wear but nib and trims in very good condition


Vintage Pen

Vintage Pens

Vintage Parker Pen

More Vintage and Pre-owned Pens

Duofold International From Early 2000s

18K Medium Nib

Part of my personal collection, mint condition, only used maybe twice in about 8 years. Original box.

NZ$299 Sold

Several nice Parker 45s in stock but different to the photos

Burgundy English Parker Duofold.

Superb Flexy 14k nib  Quite rare as not many Flexi nibs were produced. Squeeze type filler

Excellent condition

$49 SOLD

English Parker Duofold Maxima, a large pen, it was top of the range, and not common

Superb Large 14k Nib, imprinted with 50     -     Green.  

Excellent Condition, Squeeze type filler

NZ$150  Sold

 English Parker Duofold  Green, although the colour doesn’t show up well in this image. Excellent Condition, Squeeze type filler

14k Nib This is maybe about a semi flex, not quite as flexible as the Burgundy one, but still relatively uncommon for a Parker

$49 Sold

Parker 51 Lustraloy Cap. Superb condition

Aerometric filler Sold

Parker 51 Lustraloy Cap. Nib 14k Medium Broad. Good condition for it’s age, but there is some chrome missing from the clutch ring

Aerometric Filler

NZ$55 Sold

Parker Duofold Lady. Made in England

Burgundy, Medium Left Oblique14k Nib. Squeeze filler

Lovely pen but has small name imprint

Parker Slimfold.  Made in England Burgundy

14k Nib. Squeeze Filler

Nice smooth broad nib SOLD

Superb Parker 61 Medium Broad Nib, very good writer

Stainless steel body

Capillary filler, works very well    Sold, but others in stock

Parker 180 Gold Electroplate

This is quite a rare pen and very unusual in New Zealand

Fine nib with overfeed, writes nicely

Parker Victory AF

14K Medium Nib Aluminium Button Filler

A number of Parker 51s here for sale. All have been cleaned and the nibs adjusted/tuned.

The Parker 51s have changed, still quite a few in stock but different to the photo