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Scented Blackcurrant and Dianthus   

De Atramentis Scented Ink

Exclusively hand crafted

Scented Ink, who would have thought it? Amazing and unique.

They are gorgeous, and hard to describe without actually using them

NZ$15.99 a bottle

Scented Plum and Hyacinth

De Atramentis Document Inks - Bulletproof - Absolutely! Archive Ink

This ink really is waterproof

To be qualified as a document ink the ink has to meet certain standards. The standard in Europe is ISO 12757-2. This means that the ink has to be lightfast and may not be influenced by any outer influences. It is dye based, not a pigment ink.

These are completely Permanent, Lightfast and Waterproof, often used by Lawyers, Doctors, Artists. Archival Quality……….AND VERY FAST DRYING

Document Inks   $19.99


Dark Blue Out of stock

Turquoise Out of stock


Brown Out of stock



Out of stock





Fuschia Out of stock

Document thinners for dilution

Used by pen artists

250ml       NZ$18.85

Out of Stock

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Please Note.

Do make sure to replace the cap on your fountain pen after use to prevent blockages in the nib. Beyond this no special care is needed!

De Atramentis Archive Ink Black

Smooth, silky Nano Pigment Ink

An intense deep black an wonderful to write with.

Quick drying and waterproof

35ml  NZ$19.99